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Meraki is a global management firm offering services in multiple sectors of global demand. We have consolidated a few verticals under our umbrella group and built strategic partnership alliances globally to ensure we fulfill our client's needs and requirements.

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To sum up, our group as one brand entity, Meraki Global Management serves as the brand identity with registered trademarks on behalf of the holding company and group companies. As a global management firm, we want to ensure the best opportunities from across the world to connect with our global clientele. To be one single platform for both personal and business needs best suited for our client's interests.

Meraki Global Management

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Meraki Commercial Brokers

Based out of Dubai, commercial brokers offer various banking, insurance, and commercial services. Our dedicated team of industry professionals who are versatile with the region and requirements are here to help our clients in making the right choices best suited to them. Our focus is to provide industry insights for our clients to take the right decision and help them grow in their respective areas.

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Meraki Global Investments

Our investment division is the brain of Meraki Global group, which generates consistent revenues for our group and our clients in the most safe and secure opportunities. Meraki diversifies its investment portfolio in various established businesses either by acquiring them or partnering with them for stakes to grow exponentially. Our expert board advisors contribute to making the best right decisions and guide us in navigating the possible risks eliminating the chances of failure.

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Meraki Global Nigeria Ltd

Operating out of the financial hub of Nigeria in Africa, we specialize in dealing with commodities, metals and energy. From Gold to lead, Crude oil to green energy. Our strategic partnerships with various government and private institutions across the ECOWAS (Economic Corridor for West African States) help us in identifying right opportunities in the region which can maximise potential for growth.

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Meraki Global Properties

Established in Dubai, Meraki Global Properties caters to all segments for their needs of buying, selling or leasing properties in the UAE. The ever-growing high demand of real estate industry in the UAE especially in Dubai has given rise to opportunities for both Buyers and Sellers. We offer our clients best deals in the market with our core focus on luxury properties and commercial properties including plots, exclusive and distress deals for your desired needs.

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Meraki Global India Pvt Ltd

Our Indian operations strive in building an agriculture land bank with partnerships or acquisitions of farms, and lands for cultivation. We work constantly in bridging between the Indian sub-continent and the rest of the world, given the huge demand for made-in-India products from Education, Healthcare to FMCG. Meraki India team is on a hunt for talent, opportunities, and partnerships to provide exceptional services in all facets of global needs.

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